"Our best performance comes from structuring a specific blend of creative talent with others whose passion is to apply an innovative breakthrough to the building and testing of a real product" - Burt Rutan

Letter from the Founder

Scaled Composites was founded in 1982 with a focused goal: to provide the aerospace customer the very best quality and value, in the development of new-concept aircraft. Our strengths at the onset were world-class flight test experience, as well as new composite structural prototyping methods.

We started by having our very small teams of designers, fabricators and test pilots attack difficult problems, always with a zest to seek new breakthroughs. We focused on meeting difficult schedules and successfully used our "always question, never defend" approach to achieve our flight safety goals. Our approach has been to provide in-house capabilities including design for configuration concept, aerodynamics, structures, aircraft systems and instrumentation, as well as the conduct of flight test. Thus, all the technical aspects of aircraft prototyping are closely integrated within small, efficient teams of experts.

Scaled has consistently grown, taking on new challenges and developing new capabilities, many of them unique. While we have developed many UAV systems, our trademark is the development of manned aerospace systems. We have built and flight tested twenty nine new manned systems at a rate of more than one new type per year.

Our recent major growth has focused on quality and on expanding our technical base to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. We look to the future with the same focus on the approach we have used in the past; creating an enjoyable, rewarding work environment to achieve success while attacking difficult challenges.

Burt Rutan

Founder and CTO/Designer Emeritus

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