SpaceShipOne Surpasses 100 Km on First X PRIZE Flight

September 29, 2004: At 8:13 this morning PDT, SpaceShipOne (SS1) coasted above the 100 km altitude point and successfully completed the first of two X-Prize flights. The peak altitude reached was 337,500 ft. The motor was shut down when the pilot, Mike Melvill, noted that his altitude predictor exceeded the required 100 km mark. The motor burn lasted 77 seconds – 1 second longer than on the June 21st flight. Melvill was prepared to burn the motor up to 89 seconds, which indicates significant additional performance remains in SS1.

Update: Burt clarifies the rolling motion during ascent.

Update: X-Prize Flight #1 preliminary altitude data from multiple sources:

  Ellipsoid HGT, ft MSL ALT, ft
GAINR data 337604.0 337706.4
Radar 38 337568.7 337671.0
Radar 34 337569.0 337671.3

High Quality 3 minute video of flight available in our video section.
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