Jan 22,2018 _ Inside Scaled

We are Scaled

Scaled Composites officially began in 1982 when a newsletter was published declaring the new business. Decades later we’re still turning dreams to reality in the desert. Over those years we’ve had a lot of fun. We broke and established records, we tried our hand at nearly every type of travel (except time), and even put the first commercial astronaut in space. We took on harder and longer projects, which meant we kept our heads down. We stayed quiet. We fell out of the public eye as the world around us kept bustling forward.

We work hard on things no one else can do. We build vehicles, and we do it quickly. We build things quickly so we can get to testing faster. The sooner you can test your design, the sooner you can start figuring out what needs to be changed. The faster you figure out what needs to be changed, the faster you get results and deliver on the end goal.

We do this by designing, building, and testing nearly everything in house. That means we have a full staff of capable designers and analysts, craftsmen and mechanics, welders, machinists, and test pilots. We don’t enforce burdensome policies and procedures on our work. We’re not a “one-size-fits-all” service provider. We listen to what our customers want, then figure out what they need.

We are Scaled.

Design. Build. Test.

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