Apr 18,2019 _ Inside Scaled

Employee Spotlight – Amy Mulligan

If you don’t know your “why,” what are you doing? Let’s face it; life’s too short to live it without purpose. Amy Mulligan, one of our talented technicians, aims to live each day to its fullest. To her, being able to tackle what the day offers is not only a mindset, but a test of your know-how and willingness to learn.

At a young age, Amy discovered she had a knack for mechanics when she recognized someone had to figure out how to repair her family’s farm equipment. Growing up on 20 acres and raising livestock meant you couldn’t spend the day schlepping broken equipment to a repair shop or waiting on someone to show up. You had to figure out how to fix things to keep going – to save your time and use it wisely. This skill developed into a passion so she began pursuing her auto and collision repair certification.

While taking classes, an opportunity arose to work at a custom hot rod shop. Building show room ready vehicles honed her skills with valuable hands-on experience. When a Scaled employee brought his car into the shop, he noticed Amy’s work and recommended she apply to Scaled. A day or two after her interview, she got a call to start work the following week.

Although the “show room ready” mindset had to be left behind, the methodical care for getting the work right remained. Just like those custom hot rods, making sure the structural build was solid and the mechanical systems functioned as perfectly as possible were top priorities. Amy recognized it is easy to get lost in the day-to-day activity of building small parts and overlook the bigger picture. By keeping the end purpose in mind, she works to instill in her teammates how important the work they do really is. This mindset coupled with her work ethic garnered her the opportunity to lead fabrication teams.

When not elbow-deep in a new build, Amy is pulled to support multiple efforts across a week. Being able to jump in and out of projects keeps her on her toes while learning various skills. Because of her background in systems and willingness to tackle anything in front of her, she has supported projects from build to test. Her top day thus far at Scaled was supporting White Knight’s final departure from Mojave. She took on the role as crew chief for that memorable flight, sending the aircraft off to take up residence in the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum in Everett, Washington.

Outside of Scaled Amy utilizes her know-how to build and work on anything with an engine. She is also pursuing her airframe and powerplant certification to add to her skillset. Leveraging her passion for sportbikes, Amy helps put on the Women’s Sportbike Rally West to raise awareness about skin safety and vehicle maintenance. By staying busy with new projects, enjoying the fruits of her labor, and spending quality time with like-minded people, Amy makes sure every day is an experience to remember.

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